Holiday Soiree: Give what you love.

It’s the age old question; What do I get everyone for Christmas? It’s become more about the best gifts, best deals and biggest parties than the real reason behind the season. Instead of running around like a maniac on black friday, Thanksgiving night or even Christmas Eve, get it done early. The answer to all of your questions is really easy; Give what you believe in.

Every year The Color Room Salon and Day Spa host’s it’s Holiday Soiree, before the craziness of the holiday’s even begin. We stock our favorite retail merchandise that soothes the mind, body, and soul because we believe it’s what people need and want. As women, we tend to forget about ourselves throughout the year and concentrate on everyone else. It’s okay to say, “one for you, one for me”. Moms, sisters, sitters and teachers are just a few of the people on your list that seem to stump you. Well, we promise to have just want and need every year!

We do not ever believe in discounting our merchandise, because we believe it is worth every penny. We only carry things that are truly good for you and good for our earth. If we have it, it is truly the best. The only time you will see a discount on our retail items is at our Holiday Soiree.

AVEDA has packaged all merchandise in recycled materials from manufacturers powered by wind energy. Organic, all natural and plant derived formulations keep your footprint green. Glo Minerals Makeup and Skin Care also are from manufacturers powered by wind, and is a mineral based line that truly is good for the look of flawless skin.

This year our Holiday Soiree was a huge success, and we truly appreciate all of the support from our guests. We do this because of you, and for you, and without you we wouldn’t be where we are today.

soiree 2015