Celebrating 4 Years Starts With You!

We are very pleased to announce that this is the 4 year anniversary of The Color Room! – – it was on March 28th, 2013 that we first opened our doors with the ambitions of becoming THE salon to go to in Western St. Charles County! The good thing about age is that it comes with reflection. Looking back at our accomplishments we can be nothing but grateful.

The Color Room started with just 5 employees; including the owner, Toni Peanick working behind the chair. The location was leased in February of 2013 and renovated into the cozy, eclectic, pinterest-esque space in just 30 days. In 2015, the space next to The Color Room became available for lease and Toni jumped on the opportunity; Knowing that the ultimate goal was to provide guests with a relaxing place they can come to for all of their beauty needs and unwind from the stresses of life. We broke through the walls and expanded our square footage to be DOUBLE! In 2016, massage and medical treatments were added to our list of services and today, our staff totals 15 employees… and growing!

Now as a Salon and Day Spa, we have seen an increase of 34% in sales from the previous years! None of this would be possible without those women having dedicated their time and energy into becoming the best hair, skin, makeup, massage, & customer service experts in the area; bar none!

In celebration, what better way to reflect on 4 years of service and growth than to commemorate the women who make up The Color Room today! We invite you to join us as we celebrate these amazing ladies!

 Jenn Z.

Advanced Beauty Expert, Jenn Z.

The minute you meet Jenn, you will have no doubt about her passion and love for everything hair & makeup.  It simply oozes out of everything she does. We know this has something to do with the fact that as a little Jenn, she used to ride her bike around town pretending to be the most requested makeup artist in Lincoln County!

Starting her career in 2012, she was one of the first stylists to take on (and conquer!) our extensive Associate Program. It was her kind spirit and commitment to everything, and everyone, she cares about that first attracted us to Jenn.  Luckily, we soon learned that she is an amazing stylist and are excited to be a part of her career and her new life (she just got engaged to the love of her life Ryan!)

Jenn knew from an early age she had a special love of the hair salon, “I loved going to the salon with my mom to get her hair colored. She was always so happy when she left and showed confidence as soon as she walked out the doors”. Jenn has taken these experiences and now embodies the characteristics of a true “day-maker”.

Thank you for taking care of my beloved husband and making him feel so utterly special. He never left feeling anything but ecstatic over the haircare you delivered him. You have done the same thing for me. I left my hair care in your hands without reservation or doubt and you once again delivered the best possible results. I feel “alive,” again and could not be more grateful for you and your amazing skills – Maggie C.

Blair K.

Master Beauty Expert, Blair K.

After leaving her first salon of 4.5 years in St. Charles, Blair came to The Color Room. After meeting Blair, we somehow convinced her that The Color Room was the only salon she should even consider. Lucky for us, she agreed! Not only is Blair one of the wittiest & ambitious people you’ll ever meet- the girl’s got talent!

One thing we must say about Blair, her love for her yorkie, Libby, is something we giggle about often. We can always look forward to seeing Lib’s new outfit or hear a story about her latest debacle. All joking aside, Libbie is truly a part of our family too!  Blair recently became a mother to baby Lennon who indisputably has the most adorable smile you will ever see!

Blair’s talent and grounded temperament make her a consistent and creative stylist who is much beloved by not only a loyal and diverse clientele, but by her family here at The Color Room as well.

Going to The Color Room is where I can relax, unwind, laugh, and this time cry. Thank you to Blair for being there when I found out my dear friend passed away just hours before. – Molly M.


Beauty Expert, Taylor B.

Taylor’s sister, Jesse, probably knew she’d be a hair stylist before she did. Jesse knew Taylor’s eagerness for doing everyone’s hair (all the time) was a calling and soon after high school Taylor started pursuing her career in cosmetology. After being at a salon in IL for 3 years, Taylor moved to Missouri and applied at The Color Room (Lucky us!). Taylor joined us in 2015 as a part of our Concierge Team and quickly advanced into our Associates Program and then joined our hair team on the floor as an extremely well-rounded stylist.

When first meeting and working with Taylor, we knew she had “spunk” and not only has she brought an abundance of talent to The Color Room, her determination and outgoing personality is really something to admire.

Taylor just turned the page on a new Chapter in her life… She is expecting! We found out what Taylor was having an ENTIRE MONTH before her gender reveal party and it was probably one of those hardest secrets any of us could keep from her. Taylor will be having a precious baby boy in May! It is so exciting watching her develop into a mother and it is clear… she will be one of the best around!

Everyday at The Color Room is exciting but the clients make it much more! They challenge you to be a better stylist. It’s always exciting when clients bring you new styles to try. It has always inspired me to be a better stylist. – Taylor B.


Haley L.

Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Haley joined us in late 2015 with a belly full of baby! After meeting Haley, we knew that she would be the perfect addition to our esthetics team. Her knowledge of skin and drive for more is fascinating! Haley’s ability to educate herself, recall ingredients and protocols, and adaptability is nothing short of amazing. We can honestly say that our spa department would not be where it is today without her.

As a teen, Haley struggled with her skin. This is when Haley knew that her goal in life was to help others. “I knew I wanted to help others love and accept themselves.” Haley developed a passion of camouflage makeup as an early teen and skincare quickly followed. We have watched Haley grow professionally and personally (that belly full of baby turned out to be a beautiful little girl named Raylynn) and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of her career and life!


 [After seeing Haley] my skin has NEVER felt/looked better! Thanks Haley?? – Tara B.

Amanda M.

Beauty Expert, Amanda M.

Few people have impressed us as deeply as Amanda within the first 30 seconds of meeting.  There is an energy and compassion about her that immediately speaks of her character.  You just get that gut feeling that this is a person who is honest, kind, intelligent and talented. Amanda joined us in late 2015 after working behind the chair since 2007.

There was never one reason that brought Amanda to the beauty industry. “I have always had a passion for art & science and knew I wanted a career that involved both. With the support from many of my friends, I enrolled in cosmetology school and haven’t looked back since.” Believe it or not, coloring and cutting hair involves more science that most are inclined to believe. Add that to Amanda’s love for art and she chose the perfect path. WOW. Not many can say that at such an early age.

Amanda’s humble attitude should not be taken for face value. She is phenomenal not only as a stylist but as a co-worker, mom, and friend.


I always leave happy and loving my hair. Amanda is just awesome and always does my hair better than what I think I want. All the ladies working are so nice and friendly!!! – Nikki B.

Kate C.

Master Beauty Expert, Kate C.

If you like a little extra style in your ‘stylist’, you must meet Kate. She has recently opened her very own fashion boutique, The Velvet Suitcase, and with 6 years of cosmetology experience, enviable talent, and a heart that knows no boundaries; She embodies all that is great about this business and represents exactly what you want in a stylist. Fashion AND Beauty.

Kate has an energetic, fresh and enthusiastic personality that is simply contagious. We have known her for a while and always secretly wished she would finally come join the The Color Room’s family; And as fate would have it, that is exactly what happened. In late 2015 Kate brought her wealth of knowledge and skills to us. We couldn’t have been more ecstatic! Kate is the true definition of passion and this reflects in everything that she does. Whether it be in beauty, fashion, or friendships, Kate always gives it her all! A trait that is truly refreshing.

Kate married her wonderful husband, Chris, and together they have a son, Hudson and are expecting #2! Our heart couldn’t be more full watching Kate evolve not only professionally but as a person as well!

Kate is the best stylist I’ve ever had! *heart eyed emoji* – Sarah L.


Sam & Carlee; The Cutest Front Desk Staff Around!

Samantha H. & Carlee B.

Both Sam & Carlee came to us in early 2016 and joined our concierge team. Since joining our family, we have watched these girls develop into a beautiful young women with the world at their fingertips. Believe it or not, these two are BOTH currently enrolled at Lindenwood University. Sam is studying Criminal Justice with the goal of becoming a child’s victim advocate while Carlee is an Education Undergrad.

Sam & Carlee’s integrity & diligence have earned them a special place in our hearts that will never be forgotten! We are secretly wishing they will go to cosmetology school and be with us for life; but that is just us being selfish. One day we will all be able to say, “We knew her when…”

We will be sad when this powerhouse duo outgrows us but couldn’t be more honored to be a part of their lives during this pivotal time.


 Tami R.

Massage Therapist, Tami R.

When we thinking of “gifted”, we think of Tami. She joined us at the beginning of this year is the perfect addition to our spa. Her passion matches her talent (and her talent is unmistakable.) She has an intuitive approach to her massage that you just don’t experience often.  She believes that the mindful, relaxing perks of massage are as important as the clinical benefits that reduce muscle stiffness, soreness and pain.

Tami is an inspiration that many should experience. Her journey to massage therapy was influenced by being a recovering alcoholic with 15 years of sobriety under her belt. So amazing! She is also gifted in the art of Reiki, a healing method based on an Eastern belief in an energy that supports the body’s natural ability to heal. We live in a culture that doesn’t do a good job teaching anyone how to relax, both physically and mentally. Tami will be the change that is needed in the lives of everyone she touches; that is for sure!

Helping others heal & feel better is what influenced me to go into Massage therapy. I want to help others relax and become grounded. physically and emotionally. We need to live in the present moment & slow down!” – Tami R.

Allyssa S.

Associate, Allyssa S.

Last, but not least, Please meet our newest and cutest (and uber-talented) Associate, Allyssa S. She has just started her career and the talent is literally pouring out of her. This girl already possesses so many amazing qualities that will lead her down a path where opportunities are endless.

Growing up Allyssa had always wanted to be an artist, “I chickened out last minute on going to art school in Denver, CO but quickly decided to express art through hair!” SCORE for us! We are elated that she has joined us! We have only known Allyssa for a short time but can already say her maturity as a young stylist is what we admire most.

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