5 Valentine’s Day Styles for Whatever You Have Planned


Each Valentine’s Day we get massive amounts of text from our girlfriends with screenshots of Pinterest pictures with the caption “How do I do this look?” or “What do you think about this for what Jake has planned?”


Pulling off that perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyle doesn’t have to be hard! We have put together 5 effortless, yet romantic hairstyles that will be perfect for whatever you have going on this year! Keep scrolling!

Simple Textured Bun


Tease the crown.
Add a light hold hairspray.
Loop the hair in and out of the hair-tie for this anti-updo look.


Keep it textured and try not to smooth the top and sides too much!


Pair this with some long earrings and BOOM! Looking chic.









Twisted Half-Do



Tease the crown.


Pull one side to the back, give a slight twist and secure with a bobby pin.


Pull the other side back, slightly twisting, overlapping the previous side and secure with another bobby pin.


Add your choice of hairspray for hold and viola!







Looped Low-Do

This one may look tricky, but we promise it isn’t! Believe it or not, this is medium length hair!


Start by teasing the crown.


Loosely pull small pieces on each side, securing each with a bobby pin and overlapping as you go side to side.


Once you are to your nape, place a bobby pin on sections of the ends sticking out. Smaller sections are best!


Place the bobby pins about 1″ above the very end of your hair. Then start pushing those into your already pinned pieces!


If you have pieces falling out, LEAVE THEM! A little whispies here and there are what makes the look soft & romantic!



Undone Waves


When all else fails, why not rock the model-off-duty look with loose, barely-there waves?


Since most people’s hair doesn’t dry naturally like this (and we envy you if it does), here is our quick how-to video!











Wavy Pony

Rock this wavy pony by adding some loose waves (see above) and just pulling up into a simple high pony!


Needing to add a bit of bulk to your pony, check out this how-to showing how to create a fuller pony!


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